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"Raptivity templates were really helpful to easily demonstrate to our customers a variety of learning objects that we were capable to do, and the facility to customize them with our content was a plus."

Oswaldo Camacho Rojas E-Learning Analyst

"While upgrading Raptivity Suite from Windows 7 to Windows 10, I contacted their support team. The issue was sorted out very swiftly. I was very impressed by how promptly and professionally the team sorted this out for me. I would rate the support given as the best I have ever experienced for an computer/IT problem."

Jenny SchneiderAustralia

"It was designed to be asynchronous, but I saw the ability to adapt it and use it in a myriad of ways, including synchronously in online training. I think it’s worth every single penny and more. In 2002, we paid $8,000 for a designer to create two exercises. Now you can get the whole Raptivity suite for less than half of that! In comparison to the other tools out there along the same lines, I really like how easy it is to plug Raptivity into elearning products."

Becky Pluth Vice President of Training
The Bob Pike Group

"We love the ease of using Raptivity and the impact it has on the learner when incorporated into our online learning. Raptivity really allowed us to raise the quality of our online courses. We are part of a global organisation, all using the same software and we have been shouting about the benefits of Raptivity and I believe a number of my counterparts are now using the Raptivity software."

Vanessa DoddLearning Technology Manager

"...Your product is an essential tool in our course development tool kit. Your company has provided consistently excellent support in the years that we have been using Raptivity.

Richard JollesMontgomery County Public Schools
The Art of Instructional Designing
The Art of Instructional Designing – PowerPoint Courses and Beyond

There is a forever need for corporate and educational online training to be effective and engaging, and the onus of the same generally lies with Instructional Designers. As an Instructional Designer, you may be asked to create a new educational course from scratch based on the curriculum or create an eLearning course based on PowerPoint being used for Instructor Led Trainings.

By: Raptivity Team, Mar 10, 2016

Learning Analytics for Learner Centric eLearning
Learning Analytics: A great boost for creating Learner Centric eLearning

"Learning Analytics and Knowledge’, defines it as, “the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of data about learners and their contexts, for purposes of understanding and optimizing learning and the environments in which it occurs.”

By: Raptivity Team, Feb 11, 2016

Microlearning - A practictioner's guide
Microlearning - A Practitioner’s Guide: An Overview

In this fast-paced world, human tendency is to do everything as quick as possible. This applies to learning as well. Microlearning replaces and relieves from the cognitive overload faced while learning. Moreover, it aligns well with the requirement of next gen learners of taking short learning modules on the go.

By: Raptivity Team, Feb 04, 2016

Top Six Online Student-engagement Strategies
Top Six Online Student-engagement Strategies

[Learning Solutions] There are too many distractions that online learners fall prey to: social-networking updates, videos on YouTube, or the forever-trending discounts on eCommerce sites. Keeping learners focused and engaged has thus become a key challenge for educators today. Rather than using the age-old classroom techniques, here are some newer ways to address this issue that I have found make a real difference.

By: Cynthia Alderman, Jul 25, 2015

Common mistakes to avoid while creating effective job aids
Creating Effective Job Aids - Common Mistakes to avoid

As corporate training and eLearning is turning shorter and practical, the importance of job aids to supplement learning is getting highlighted. Job aid, as the name suggests, aids the users in completing the job effectively and successfully. Here are a few common mistakes that can, and should be avoided when creating job aids.

By: Raptivity Team, May 14, 2015

6 Things That Learning Professionals Can Learn from Marketers
6 Things That Learning Professionals Can Learn from Marketers

Marketers and learning designers share a lot of common ground, but at times may be reluctant to let this be stipulated. Confidently, I will assert that both professions endeavor to change behavior, and both are required to stay current in their disciplines to be truly successful in our dynamic world.

By: Raptivity Team, Oct 3, 2015

Developing Learning Objects in a team
Developing Learning Objects in a Team

I used to work in an editorial team where we developed learning objects with help of multiple authoring tools. With many people involved, the process to create a simple learning object generally took a lot of time. Most of the times we had to re-do everything...

By: Oswaldo Camacho, Aug 6, 2015

Harness the power of videos in interactions
Harness the Power of Videos in Interactions

It goes without saying that eLearning courses can be made more engaging using a range of techniques, and using videos can be an effective one. Why effective? Well, who doesn’t like watching videos?

By: Raptivity Team, Jul 30, 2015

Top Six Online Student-engagement Strategies

There are too many distractions that online learners fall prey to. Keeping learners focused and engaged has thus become a key challenge for educators today. Rather than using the age-old classroom techniques, here are some newer ways to address this issue that I have found make a real difference.

By: Cynthia Alderman, Jul 17, 2015

Eight Seconds To Online Learner Engagement
Eight Seconds To Online Learner Engagement

Humans have an attention span less than that of a goldfish! You just have 8 seconds to engage your online learners else you lose them! Here are 10 tricks you can use to engage your learners in those crucial 8 seconds.

By: Raptivity Team, Jul 2, 2015

Add a Personalized Touch to Your Online Courses
A Simple Tip to Add a Personalized Touch to Your Online Courses

Great! Good job! Incorrect! Can do better! Not quite right!
Do these words sound familiar? Probably yes, this is the kind of feedback we generally receive in our online assessments or exercises.

By: Oswaldo Camacho, May 14, 2015

Gamification in eLearning
Gamification in eLearning: Touching Base

Games Increase Skill, but Why?
We all know that gaming is serious business to the person in play. They are in "the zone." I believe that zone is the momentum of almost mastering a skill. Master it and boredom sets in unless there is a new challenge.

By: Susan Wines, Jun 4, 2015

Storyboarding: A Primer and Current Perspective
Storyboarding: A Primer and Current Perspective

On the surface, storyboarding just seems like much ado with little return. Let me see if I can convince you (and me!) that this is not the case, and that when done with rigour, storyboarding will save a whole lot of grief.

By: Todd Kasenberg, May 14, 2015

Top Writing Mistakes in Storyboards
Top Writing Mistakes in Storyboards

Recently we asked our instructional designers and storyboard editors what mistakes they were finding (and constantly fixing) during storyboard edits. Here are the top mistakes we identified—with information on how to correct them...Raptivity Linker: Product Review

By: Desirée Pinder, April 15, 2014

Raptivity Linker Product Review
Raptivity Linker: Product Review

[Learning Solutions Magazine] Raptivity, as the best collection of off-the-shelf, yet customizable, interactions for building in the eLearning market, earned a place in my eLearning development arsenal in its own right. But with the introduction of Raptivity Linker, things just got a whole lot more interesting.

By: Todd Kasenberg, April 23, 2015

Raptivity on The Learning Exchange by eLearning Guild
Raptivity Course is Now Available on The Learning Exchange

The eLearning Guild recently announced an exciting new way to share and learn - The Learning Exchange. The Learning Exchange encourages Guild members to learn from each other based on their experiences.

Raptivity, the popular eLearning interactivity building tool, is also available on the Exchange now.

By:Raptivity Team, April 14, 2015

5 Tips To Create Gripping eLearning Content
5 Tips To Create Gripping eLearning Content

It's often been said that in eLearning, you have 8 seconds to engage your learners or else they are moving on to the next thing. What can we do to make sure that we hook our learners? What can we do to bring them in and keep them engaged?
Here are 5 tips that can help you to engage your learners while developing your eLearning assets.

By: Jeffrey Page, April 6, 2015

Raptivity for game based interactivities and more
Myth, Raptivity is good only for game based interactivities!

Raptivity is not only about 3D games and interactions. It has all kinds of interactions which you need to create a learning module. Let me explain this with an example.
Generally, online courses tend to be the click-and-read courses, where the learner just clicks ‘Next’ to advance. Raptivity focuses on getting the learner go through the content in variety of ways.

By: Raptivity Team, May 22, 2014

Streamlining Your E-Learning Production Process for Efficiency
Streamlining Your E-Learning Production Process for Efficiency - Q&A

Diane and I had the pleasure of sharing some ways we have streamlined our production process in last week's "Best of DevLearn" Webinar presented by The eLearning Guild, which you can view here...

By: Desirée Pinder, Oct 2, 2014

Adult eLearning Design
A Different Approach to Adult Learning Design

Pedagogy is how you teach children and Andragogy is how you teach adults. So how do adults learn? And how is it different from the learning designed for children?

When adults start solving a problem, they tend to follow Bloom’s taxonomy. They first apply what they know, then analyze the problem and apply different techniques to resolve it.

By: Raptivity Team, Mar 5, 2015

Bite sized learning with Raptivity Linker
Creating Bite-Sized Learning Was Never So Easy

Raptivity Linker, a tool useful to quickly connect various Raptivity interactions, was launched recently. It lets Raptivity users create a logical and meaningful sequence of interactions quickly without depending on any other third party tool.

The new Raptivity Linker now comes with features like SCORM tracking, blank slides, and multiple slide layouts with options for text, images and videos alike. The much demanded support for YouTube and Vimeo videos is also there!

By: Raptivity Team, Mar 16, 2015

 Using Raptivity Smile Sheet Interaction template
A simple trick to make most of the 'Smile Sheet' interaction

How many of you use ‘Smile Sheet’ interaction to gather user feedback on happiness quotient?

Do you sometimes feel restricted by the emoticons to be rated?

Recently, one of our customers pointed this out and was looking for a quick fix. We realized that this could be something bothering our other customers as well, hence thought of sharing this handy tip with everyone today.

By: Raptivity Team, Dec 15, 2014

Storyboard template for free download
A Comprehensive and Easy to Follow Storyboard Template for Free Download

A e-learning storyboard broadly specifies the onscreen text, narration script, audio and visual elements, and navigation and interaction instructions. While there are many options that you may find online, there has yet to be a consensus about a standard template for a storyboard.

By: Todd Kasenberg, Jun 3, 2015

Approaches to Interactivity Building in eLearning
Approaches to Interactivity Building in eLearning

We all know that adding meaningful interactivity into eLearning courses allows learners to participate in the learning process, thus creating an enhanced learning environment. But building interactivities can be challenging if you don’t have the right resources, time, or money. In general, there are two ways to build interactions: 1) use a skill-based team, or 2) use a rapid interactivity builder with your authoring tool. Each method has tradeoffs and what you choose depends largely on the type of training you are developing and how important interactivity is in your course.

By: Raptivity Team, Jul 8, 2014

Game-Based Learning
Engage Students with Game-Based Learning

As an Instructional Designer or Educator, you always aspire to make your course content as ‘sticky’ as possible. You try your level best to engage learners in thoughtful learning even after they have left the room or finished the course. Knowing also this, it’s apparent that you do understand that something that fascinates almost every person is playing games. Then why not use games to engage learners?

By: Raptivity Team, April 30, 2015

Raptivity - A must have tool for eLearning
10 Reasons Why Raptivity is a Must Have Tool

It truly does not count if you are a professional or a beginner; thanks to Raptivity, you don't require any programming or technical skills to wow your learners. Here are ten reasons I feel Raptivity is a must have for every learning professional.

By: Raptivity Team, Dec 2, 2014

Creating Mini Lessons
Mini-Lessons: A Different Learning Approach

Although presented in small bites to satisfy today’s learners, effective mini-lessons follow good teaching practice. The learner seeks knowledge and wants to absorb that knowledge; learning activities then help embed that knowledge. Learners will often want to test themselves to check their understanding as well as assimilation.

By: Anne Mills, May 21, 2015