We are pleased to announce that Raptivity Presenter is now officially a part of Raptivity® – our leading, award-winning eLearning product. Raptivity is being used by thousands of customers in more than 60 countries. We take great pride in its reputation as the leading interactivity builder, and we look forward to bringing you on board as one of the many satisfied Raptivity customers.

To a great extent, the decision to merge Raptivity Presenter into Raptivity was driven by thorough analysis of customer needs and feedback. We made this decision in order to provide you with the most comprehensive set of features and a wide selection of interactivities. The combined product, Raptivity, includes all Raptivity Presenter interactivities you enjoyed using, plus many more from the Raptivity library. This allows you to design interactive content for various applications, such as business presentations, training courses, eLearning content, and many more.

With the product merge:

  • All interactivities you currently own will remain in your new Raptivity packs.

  • You will get additional Raptivity interactions for FREE.

  • We will ensure you have a smooth transition to Raptivity and continue to get the same level of support as all Raptivity users.


1. A greater number of interactivities
All Raptivity Presenter customers will get an upgrade to Raptivity. Depending on the Raptivity Presenter packs you currently own, you will be entitled to corresponding Raptivity packs as well as Standard Pack 4.

2. Additional features available
Raptivity interactivities are SCORM, AICC, and 508 compliant. Also, Raptivity outcomes can be saved in both Flash and HTML5. This means that now you will be able to play interactivities on PC, Mac, smartphones, and tablets.

3. Greater support and many more resources available
Additional resources include workshops, newsletters, whitepapers, podcasts, blogs, InteractivityHub community and more!

4. Economic benefits
You get the respective Raptivity packs for FREE – with savings up to $3,200! Please check the information about your transition to Raptivity, below./p>

5. A market-leading product with a long-term strategy for growth
Raptivity is the flagship product from Harbinger Knowledge Products, offering the world’s largest library of interactivities – currently nearly 200! Raptivity is easily integrated with all major authoring, presentation, collaboration, and web design tools, and additionally offers custom solutions for various industries.

Rest assured that product-merge will be a smooth process, with no disruption to customer service or your usage of the product.

A new Account Manager will be assigned who would be glad to help you with all your inquiries.
Your existing support contacts will remain unchanged until July 31st, 2012, so you can use the same communication channels that you are accustomed to. After transition to the new Raptivity product, you will get 16/5 access to Raptivity support.

Note: Raptivity Presenter support will be available for your inquiries until July 31st, 2012. After this date Raptivity Presenter support will be discontinued.

Next steps:
If you choose to receive your upgrade to Raptivity: Write to us at info@raptivity.com.
The opportunity for a Raptivity upgrade is only available for 3 months, ending July 31st, 2012.

If you choose to stay with your current Raptivity Presenter license: You can continue using your Raptivity Presenter software - no need to send us any request. However, please be aware that Raptivity Presenter support will be available for your inquiries until July 31st, 2012. After this date the support will be discontinued.

We will also host a special webinar that will present our expanded Raptivity product and explain the transition process. Look for your email invitation in the next few weeks.
If you have individual queries, please write us at info@raptivity.com , and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

Raptivity Team