Tell Me How – A Quick Guide on Integrating Raptivity Output with WordPress

eLearning content creation is super easy with Raptivity. But so is sharing it further with the learners! One of the highlights about Raptivity that higher education professionals, as well as corporate training professionals, appreciate is how they can work on the templates and seamlessly put those up on WordPress-supported websites. This achieves multiple objectives –

  • Saves the content creator’s precious time in content development and sharing
  • Does not become a tech-loaded activity with the ease in integration
  • Allows greater and faster content reach

  • If you have created an eLearning course using Raptivity, the following are the steps to integrate the output with a WordPress website:

    • Ensure that as a WordPress user, you have admin rights on the WordPress website to make any necessary changes.
    • Next is to have access to your organization’s WordPress server to be able to upload the files.
    • To begin integrating the output, extract the downloaded zip file of the Raptivity output. Upload the extracted folder into the uploads directory in WordPress. You should be able to find it here: /wp-content/uploads/
    • Login to the WordPress website as a site administrator. The location is typically here: <<website URL>>/wp-admin
    • Go to ‘Pages’ followed by ‘Add New’.
    • Switch from “Visual” to the “Text” mode of the editor. You should be able to find this on the right side of the editor section.
    • Add the below mentioned highlighted lines of code followed by the link of the Raptivity .html file appropriately. For instance, it can be-
      • <iframe src=” spin.html” width=”900″ height=”600″ scrolling=”no” />
      • Note: The above-highlighted path is for demonstration, and it will change as per your server path.
    • Finally, type the title of the page.

    That’s all it takes to effortlessly integrate your Raptivity output with a WordPress website!

    So, go ahead and experience it yourself. In case you are stuck with any process and feel the need to reach us, our support team is always available at

    Happy building eLearning interactions!

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