Tell Me How – Editing Images in Raptivity’s Vertical Parallax Interaction

Raptivity’s Vertical Parallax interaction is much sought after by instructional designers. This visually appealing interactive display helps designers organize the content in a logical and learner-friendly manner. Not to mention how easy it is to customize the interaction as well!

Let’s look at how the background images in Vertical Parallax can be edited.

  • To begin with, decide the theme you wish to work on. For example, a park, a corporate setting, and so on.
  • Next, search the vector assets using which you want to build on a design.
  • The landscape and portrait look great with a minimum resolution of 1920 px X 1500 px. Ideally, the height of the image should be more than 1500 px to get the right scrolling effect as the user scrolls down the page. For a resolution of 1280 px X 768 px or less, almost all the images look smudged or blurry. Also, it is difficult to get the scroll bar if the image height is less than 1080 px on a high-resolution monitor.

Pro tip: The image should have 3000 px to 4000 px height and 1920 width for better visualization from the top and the side angles.

  • Do use tools like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD, and Illustrator to create the required images.
  • While creating the design, consider the top and Z views for the image.
  • Remember, the image that you are using should be compressed enough for easy accessibility. Images for Vertical Parallax can be saved in png, jpeg, or gif format. We recommend you use jpeg for better compression.
  • Finally, in the interaction, place the image on the path/track in the center, so that the mascot or the main character can move on the track. Not to worry, this can be achieved through our default parallax design. While it is not mandatory to upload the image on the track, it is a good trick to enhance the interaction.

Parallax scrolling is an effect where the background images move slower than the foreground i.e., the mascot/character images. Raptivity’s Vertical Parallax works great to bring out a 3D perspective. We recommend you use it to bring out a realistic element in your interaction.

Do try this one and let us know your experience at

Happy building eLearning interactions!

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