Tell Me How – Embedding Raptivity in PowerPoint

Higher-ed educators, or for that matter even corporate trainers, often use a variety of approaches to showcase learning content. Uploading teaching materials on websites and learning apps, creating videos, sharing through presentations are some of the popular techniques. Such teaching mechanisms are effective in capturing learners’ attention. Raptivity, which is widely preferred by educators and trainers alike for its ease in content creation, is frequently embedded in a MS PowerPoint presentation for the modern-day learners.

Here is a quick overview of how to insert a Raptivity output in a PowerPoint presentation:

  • Customize an interaction – Raptivity’s intuitive and user-friendly interface doesn’t require any kind of programming or triggers. Educators and trainers can easily customize the learning templates based on their content for immediate use. If there are any questions regarding editing specific interaction-related features, do check these “how-to” demo videos.
  • Publish the interaction – Once the content is ready it is just as easy to publish the interaction, within minutes.
  • Receive a shareable link – When you click ‘Publish’, you should automatically get a link for the published content. If you need to make any changes to your content post this step, go ahead, make those, and re-publish the interaction, to receive a shareable web link once again. Note: do make sure to have an active Internet connection to access this link.
  • Copy the shareable link.
  • Insert this shareable link in the appropriate PowerPoint slide.
  • Run the PowerPoint presentation slideshow and click on the referenced link when you need to showcase the interaction. Here is a snippet of how it all looks.

Additionally, if a learner’s score needs to be recorded, then the educator or trainer may take a screenshot of the learner’s result screen which appears at the end of the activity.

If you are a higher-ed educator or trainer and have tried Raptivity within a PowerPoint presentation, do share your content sample with us at We will be glad to know how this technique has worked for you.

Happy building eLearning interactions!

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