Tell Me How – Sharing a Raptivity Interaction

Raptivity eLearning templates stand out for their ease of content creation and the ability to quickly share the content with students and learners. If you are a corporate trainer or a professor for higher education, you wouldn’t have the time to figure out how to pass on the content with your learners. Well, if it’s Raptivity that you are using, then consider your problem solved.

Here are the steps to follow to share a Raptivity interaction:

  • Create stunning interactions – Raptivity offers responsive interactions which can be used for a wide variety of topics. You can even use 3D images and videos to build engaging microlearning experiences.
  • Publish the interaction – Once you have the content ready, publish it within minutes! This process is just as easy. For any questions on how to save, preview, or publish Raptivity interactions, watch this short video.
  • Receive a shareable link – When you click ‘Publish’, you should automatically get a link for the published content. If you need to make any changes to your content post this step, go ahead, make those, and re-publish the interaction, to receive a shareable web link once again. Note: do make sure to have an active Internet connection to access this link.
  • Share the Link - You can simply copy-paste this link and share it with your learners and students via email, over Zoom or Skype meetings, online chat, and any other form of communication you prefer.

There’s more! Users can also download a zip package of the published output. This output can be used as an independent micro-learning object or it can also be integrated with Moodle, all the major LMS, as well as the authoring tools available in the market which support SCORM 1.2 and are xAPI compliant.

That’s all it takes to share a Raptivity interaction. We urge you to try it out and share your experience with us at

Happy building eLearning interactions!

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