Tell Me How – Using Raptivity Interactions with Your LMS

Raptivity’s users, especially higher-ed educators and corporate trainers, opt for this new-age tool for the SCORM and xAPI compliance that it offers. This allows them to not only publish xAPI or SCORM 1.2 compliant content at the click of a button but also track experience completion and learner performance.

If you too are keen on knowing how you can use Raptivity interactions with your LMS, read on.

To begin simply, Raptivity interactions can be used with any LMS in three ways

  1. Using as SCORM output – Raptivity interactions supporting SCORM 1.2 can be used directly with any LMS to track the output of the interactions on the LMS. This can help in quick assessments or knowledge checks while bringing fun and variety in them.
  2. Using as xAPI output – Raptivity supports detailed xAPI tracking of actions happening within the interaction. Hence, any LMS which supports xAPI can use Raptivity by directly uploading the interaction on their LMS.
  3. Using it as a web object – If a user would like to only provide reinforcement of the content or a quick review without worrying about tracking, it is possible to simply publish Raptivity interactions as a web object and upload it on the LMS. In this case, the output format of Raptivity is HTML5 and the user can host downloaded HTML5 output of Raptivity on his/her website by using the iframe code.

The benefit of having a SCORM 1.2 or xAPI compliant interaction is that several activities such as generating pass or fail results for the learners, tracking their scores, keeping a check on the completion status, etc. is easily possible. In short, as long as your LMS or Moodle supports SCORM 1.2 or xAPI, you can seamlessly track a learner’s activity on the Raptivity output.

Do try all these and more features of Raptivity. In case of any queries, write to us at and we’ll make sure you have a smooth content creation experience.

Happy building eLearning interactions!

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