Using Simple, Game-Based Interactions to Engage Online Learners

Games in any form are a source of fun, competition, motivation, and learning. The fields of education and training are no exception. Using games in online sessions can increase engagement levels significantly. There is a lot that learners can gain from games.

While games are always a welcome change to monotonous lectures, the best part is that they don’t necessarily need to be complex or serious in order to be effective. Even simple games can do the trick, especially in times like today, when almost the whole world is online, trying their best to practice social distancing and staying safe. Simple educational games can act as a great breather between long online lectures. They can be used for quick reinforcement in a fun way, as an icebreaker, and sometimes even for entertainment. Simple games might not help you progress to another level or feature on a leaderboard but they’re still fun. Be it the excitement of a cat chasing a mouse in a cheese quest or the adventure of climbing a mountain , you find yourself playing them again and again because the whole experience is entertaining.

Raptivity, a popular interactivity building tool, can help you build engaging learning games without any programming. These games can be used as part of your online classrooms or training. All these game interactions are truly responsive and xAPI compliant. Raptivity comes with a promise of a growing interaction library and keeping up on our promise, we have recently added 2 new, game-based interactions to the tool.

Here are some highlights about the new interactions.

Pizza Mania

Pizza Mania is a simple and fun, game-based quiz where you need to answer questions correctly in order to finish up a whole pizza. Such a fun game to indulge in the love for pizza, right? For every correct answer, you get to eat a pizza slice. For every incorrect answer, the pizza slice stays on the plate. Can’t wait to gobble up all slices? Well, you better answer all questions correctly.


Dart Game

Exactly like the real-life dart game, this interaction lets you show off your dart throwing skills by aiming for a balloon. There are a set of questions to answer. For every correct answer, you get to throw a dart and aim for the balloon. Each time a balloon pops, you get bonus points. For every incorrect answer, you lose a dart. The excitement of aiming for the balloon keeps the learner going. Fun, Isn’t it?


Games definitely engage learners like no other approach. Have you used these new interactions from Raptivity? How was your experience? We would be eager to know your feedback. Share through comments below or reach out to us at

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